You have entered the Realm of the Phoenix Prince


Welcome to the Home of An Epic Account of a realm and its people. It is a tale of love, hate, betrayal, and war everlasting.

It is a saga which crosses the barriers that stand between two districts in the great city of Tokyo. It is the tale of Two groups, long separated by distance and time, that were once one millennia ago struggling to reunite again through long untold amounts of pain and suffering.

It is a tale of a Prince, A princess, and their allies. It is the story of a war, but mayperchance more consequentially of the battles that are waged within that war.

It is a Saga speaking of Poetic Justice and Ironic Happenstance. It is the Search for Truth and Honor in a land where such values still exist.

Most important of all, it is the Adventure that is a lifetime and more in the creation. For it is the Story of a Man, who once lived, And a Woman, who may yet die again, And Everything that might happen between.

This is the Phoenix Prince Saga. And it is their story.


Choose thee thy path, Visitor.

The Archives - Where the completed texts of the Phoenix Prince Saga are stored

The Gallery - Where the Art of the Phoenix Prince Saga is displayed

The Hall of Messengers - Where passage elsewhere may be found and notes left for the Keeper

The Hall of Heralds - Where all news concerning the Phoenix Prince Saga may be found

The Place of Downloading - Where you can find all of the fonts and whatnot that could possibly be used on this page and/or others someday.

The Great Reviewer - Where you may send your reviews of the Saga to the Keeper.

The Great Library - Through whose doors thou shalt find the works of the varied other scribes of the world.